January 23, 2021

12 TECH MOB - Interview & DJ Mix


For the first show of the year, The Anxious Beat had the awesome pleasure of hanging out in digital space with brilliant cut masters and mixtape geniuses DJ Daddy Riff and DJ Lenn Swann from Detroit’s legendary DJ and turntablist crew - 12 Tech Mob (Mob City Records). Alongside fellow supreme turntablist members DJ Dez aka Dez Andrés, DJ Shotgun and DJ Los - 12 Tech Mob embodies a rare and unparalleled blend of deadly DJ craftsmanship, mixtape wizardry, crowd engaging live performances and producer artistry. Brotherhood as well as a common understanding of the DJ culture united them all as a collective, as each member also shines individually with a long list of achievements far too extensive and great to be described here. 


Riff (Patrick McShan) and Swann (Leonard Adams) starts their story back in 1987 at Beaubien Middle School in Detroit were they first met each other and DJ Dez via Baba Fasola Odunade (formally known as Brian Smalls). 12 Tech Mob was then and there forged through their mutual passion for music and DJing with DJ Dez coming up with the group’s concept and name, playing off the iconic Technics 1200 turntable model. We get to learn more about their early influences - Motown, 70’s r&b, soul and funk, neighborhood parties, Newcleus, Kraftwerk, P-Funk, David Bowie as well as local and amazing Detroit DJ’s like Mojo and The Wizard, DJ Rotator, 4 Dwarfs, DJ Mystro aka Lord Maji, and Leon Purse just to name a few. Riff’s tremendous record interest led him to start working at Detroit Audio (and later at Car City Records) at the age of 14 in 1987 which also enabled the group to be up to date with all the new pioneering sounds coming out around that time. With crates ready, touching on any genre you’d possibly wanna dance to and armed with rapidly accelerating DJ skills, 12 Tech Mob was the crew that could rock any crowd in Detroit. Mixtapes and mixcd’s was also the perfect way to promote and showcase what 12 Tech Mob was all about  - business wise it can be described as being organized in the spirit of knowing what people wanted, supply and demand while maintaining a strong grass root, d.i.y. in house mentality or as DJ Riff puts it “..it was like a baby Death Row or something”. Learn all about that and much much more as we also get to enjoy an exclusive 2h DJ mix by DJ Daddy Riff and DJ Lenn Swann from Detroit’s own legendary 12 Tech Mob!


Program schedule:

Part 1

Interview layered w/

DJ Lenn Swann  Mix ca 30 min

DJ Daddy Riff Mix ca 30 min

Part 2

12 Tech Mob Inspiration Mixx

DJ Daddy Riff & DJ Lenn Swann ca 1h



@12 Tech Mob - facebook.com/12TechMob/


DJ Daddy Riff







DJ Lenn Swann



Bandcamp:  lennswannthedj12techmob.bandcamp.com/