May 30th, 2020 

B. Calloway - Interview & DJ Mix

For the fifth show of the year The Anxious Beat had the great pleasure of talking (face 2 face) to a real Detroit gem - electrofunk pro, DJ and ninja producer B. Calloway.  We start off with one of Calloway’s latest releases on wax -  acid ghetto and fu**-everything-anthem Party N Bullshit (Dirty Mix, Various  - Elevated Jit Vol. 2 EP/FTP), also heard in Jensen Interceptor’s dope ass set at last years Boiler Room x Glitch Festival. Calloway begins his story by expressing his love for all different styles of music - the Jeopardy theme song and just about everything else, as long as it sounds good. We get to learn more about his beginnings - starting out messing around with a couple of tape decks and a record player in his moms basement in his early teens, discovering jit and how he met Ade' Mango Henderson Mainor (Mr. De’ of Electrofunk Records) at his favorite record store, who later came to take him under his wing. Our conversation also touches on the meaning behind the freaky-bass and multi-transitional track Workout and Stack Paper from Calloway’s 3000 B.C. EP, record store vendettas, tap dancing grace of Fred Astaire  and Sammy Davis Jr. and the philosophy behind “not looking up to, nor down on nobody” and much much more. Calloway then treats us to an hour+ dance mix of reckless mayhem, so take a moment, let loose, enjoy and just “dance like ain’t nobody lookin’…”


R.I.P. DreBrown a.k.a. Erotek

Tracklist during interview w/ B. Calloway (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

B. Calloway - Party N Bullshit (Dirty Mix)

Erotek - Gritten

313 Bass Mechanics - Throw Your Hands Up

DJ Omega - Wassup Hoes (Instrumental)

Cosmic Force - Haunted By My Past

Dj Di'jital - Androidika

DJ Shortstop - Money, Hoes and clothes

Sushi King and Cadillac Chris - Soul Serenade (requiem for Lil' Man)

B. Calloway - Chevrolet Rally

D.I.E. - Sike Yo Mind (Live At M.A.P. Pt. 3)

Big Daddy Rick - Inferno (Instrumental)

Rick Wilhite - Magic Water (Saint Jean Remix)

Sansibar - Technology

Electro Nation - Space Trax

DreBrown - Rejuvenated Rhythm (Mix 2)

Bitch Ass Darius - Ghetto Kingdom

Digitek 3 - The Soul Is In The Software

DJ Assault - Trickin

Acid Cyborg ft. Sean Tate - Spiderwebs

Privacy - GO