October 21, 2021

DJ Fluff 313: Interview & DJ Mix

For this October edition we invited polymath ghetto tech DJ/producer, NFT artist and Soundproof Music Group member DJ Fluff 313 (Javion Cantrell) on the show for 2h of straight and absolut recklessness. Fluff starts off by vividly describing growing up on the West side of Detroit and how his uncle - DJ Unc D - used a creatively resourceful yet perhaps slightly questionable way to teach him how to first dj at a young age. We get to learn more about how Fluff first heard a 12 Tech Mob mixtape on the bus to school - generating a instant passion for the music and ghetto tech style, a mixtape he eventually got to borrow using his lunch money and a fellow classmate's dislike for pizza + fruitcups as collateral. We also touched upon the origins Fluff's hybrid approach to DJing and music production - a unique style cultivated from watching anime movies (theater score music) and playing MTV Music Generator at his cousin Little George's house, breakdancing and jit, graffiti, Detroit raves, local clubs like Henry's Palace, Watts Club Mozambique, making mixtapes for The Male Revue Club, cosplay culture among many other things.

We get to learn about Fluff's friendship with cousin and Soundproof Music Group colleague - nerdcore producer and lyricist Mark Cooper aka Player One who generously motivated him into getting back to making beats he was passionate about after doing rap music for longer than he initially might of planned for. Later, we also hear about a life changing moment at Movement Festival when Fluff meets a woman with a blunt message about Detroit DJs wardrobe choices and lack of stage flair, probably planting the first seed for Fluff's iconic computer head, NFT art, being an outsider and going live at the grocery store during the pandemic, odd cookouts, backstory for the track Freedom Riot (Neon Spaghetti), secrets about music videos, future plans and tidbits for the new upcoming album(s) called Cyber Fluff and _ _ _ _walking with a Battle_ _ _... . Hear all about that and much much more as DJ Fluff 313 also takes over the decks for the whole 2 hours leaving no survivors behind.

Hour 1
Interview/DJ Fluff 313 Ghetto Tech Mix

Hour 2
DJ Fluff 313 House/Techno Mix + DJ Fluff 313 music showcase

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