November 30, 2019

Detroit in Effect - DJ Maaco & DJ P-Dog Interview/DJ Mix by DJ P-Dog a.k.a. The Turntable Bully

For the last show of the year, we get to enjoy an extra lengthy and juicy program with the ultimate party masters themselves...The Anxious Beat has the great pleasure of hosting the true legends of Detroit in Effect in the studio.

This session packs exclusive, never-before-told details about the tight knit duo as well as personal and vividly described stories about the early club days of Detroit, The Men You'll Never See, legendary mixtapes, The Motown Museum, anecdotes from the M.A.P. lounge and how Paul McCartney can prevent you from breaking furniture.

This month's program also has a mind bending, creative DJ Mix by monster skilled DJ P-Dog a.k.a. The Turntable Bully of D.I.E./M.A.P. Records which is gently sandwiched in between part I & part II of the interview.

BIG thanks to all my guests, my fam at 313Detroit Promo TV/The Bassment: and to everyone who tuned in this year! See you all again by the end of January 2020!

Tracklinst during interview with DJ Maaco & P-Dog (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

Alien Abduction - DJ Di'jital & DJ Lenn Swann

Nemisis - Keith Tucker

Data Transfer - Clarence G

Technicolor (long mix) - Channel One


Tronic Ghetto - Reckless Ron Cook

Racing all the time - Dj Overdose

Programming - D.I.E.

Dos - Big Daddy Rick

Intercourse - Body Mechanic

Body Mechanic - Quadrant Six

Tell me all about it (Remix) - P-Dog The Turntable Bully

Cause I Said It Right - Clarence G

Club Talk - Dj Zap

Let yo body rock - Cybonix

Boss Up - Dj Surgeon

Get Up - D.I.E.

Clarence G's Club - Clarence G

Aliens N Effect (Alien Nstrumental) - Dj Di'jital, Dj Maaco

Looking for the perfect beat - Afrika Bambaataa & SoulSonic Force

Got me movin' - Jay Denham

Techno Bass - Dynamix II

Activate your feet - Dj Maaco

Toxic TV - Lam

Git It - Git It (Beats) - Designated Hoodlums

The Men You'll Never See - D.I.E.

The Zoo (Detroit Zoo instrumental) - Mr. De