April 25th, 2020

Detroit’s Filthiest (Julian Shamou) - DJ Mix

For this month's show, The Anxious Beat had the pleasure of receiving a most nasty and filthy electro funk DJ Mix (an all Julian Shamou exclusive) from this month’s guest - Detroit’s Filthiest, also known as DJ Nasty, 313 Bass Mechanics and Digitek. The mix consists of tracks from some of Julians latest releases - a truly soulful variety of electro funk, ghettotech, booty tunes, electro and more which exhibits underground dance music at its limitless best.

So, discovering that we share the same predicament—Middle Eastern underground outcasts in the US who never really felt like we belonged anywhere, it quickly became obvious over the phone a few weeks ago that we had way too much in common to do a Skype or email interview and decided to reschedule til when we could actually meet face to face, once this covid BS is over, accompanied by tons of coffee and smokes.

My jaw dropped the first time I came across the now classic and still powerful “drum-machine-terrorist” picture of Julian Shamou. His face is partly covered by a shemagh, while he’s holding up a TR-808 like a lethal weapon of funk. I felt happy, and—it doesn’t happen often—but it also provided me with a specific context, being a Middle Eastern woman (born and raised in Sweden) and into underground electronic music. Asked about the picture, Julian said that it represents his heritage, among many things—the shemagh, for example, being a common attire in the village where he was born in Iraq. The picture was taken back in 1998 in front of The Sacred Heart Chaldean Church on 7 Mile, which was the first area Julian’s family (who is also Chaldean) came to when they arrived in Detroit. Not being able to fit in anywhere in the underground music community—as the first Middle Easterner to play this kind of music in Detroit—Julian also came to cover his face in this picture, as a way to stay anonymous and let people just focus on his music. Stay posted for the future interview with Detroit’s Filthiest as we get to learn more about his beginnings as a DJ and producer, hearing The Egyptian Lover for the first time and how Saddam Hussein came to receive “The Key to the City” of Detroit in the late 1970’s and much much more!

(Photo by Brian Gillespie)

June 20th, 2020

Detroit's Filthiest - Interview

Long-awaited deep dive interview with ghettotech originator Detroit's Filthiest a.k.a. DJ Nasty!

Tracklist Detroit's Fithiest DJ Mix

Detroit' FIlthiest - Baby Makin Music

Detroit's Filthiest - Poetry in Motion

Detroit's Filthiest - Illision

Detroit's Filthiest - Dolemite

Detroit's Filthiest - The Chase 

Detroit's Filthiest -  Crème de la Crème

Detroit's Filthiest -  Soulilquy

DJ Nasty - Afrodisiac

Detroit's Filthiest - Voodoo That You Do

DJ Nasty - Black From The Waist Down

Detroit's Filthiest - Deuce and a Quarter

DJ Nasty - Crusin Down 7-Mile

Detroit's Filthiest - No Strings Attached

Detroit's Filthiest - Babylon 313

Detroit's Filthiest - Cabaret

DJ Nasty - Groove Junkie

DJ Nasty - Cosmic Orgasm

Detroit's Filthiest - Shake & Bounce

Detroit's Filthiest - Carpet Muncher

Detroit's Filthiest - I'm a Pro

Detroit's Filthiest - Work Your Body

Detroit's Filthiest - Round and Round

Detroit's Filthiest - Legendary

Detroit's Filthiest - The Calling

DJ Nasty - Trauma

Detroit's Filthiest - Let Em Burn

DJ Nasty - Alien Race

Detroit's Filthiest - Coverup

DJ Nasty - Flying Object

DJ Nasty - Outer Space

DJ Nasty - Electrifying Mojo

DJ Nasty - Final Countdown

Detroit's Filthiest - Infamous

Detroit's Filthiest - Street Symphony

Detroit's Filthiest - Im Getting Money

Detroit's Filthiest - Directions

Detroit's Filthiest - King Of Kings

Detroit's Filthiest - Down Low

DJ Nasty - Puff Puff Pass 

Detroit's Filthiest - Sounds Of The City

DJ Nasty - No Panties

Detroit's Filthiest - Woodward Walker

313 Bass Mechanics - Pass Out

DJ Nasty - Smack







Tracklist during interview w/ Detroit's Filthiest (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

Detroit’s Filthiest - Smooth As Silk

12 Tech Mob - Where Dem Dollars?

Mr. De - Throw (Instremental)

Detroit’s Filthiest - Trauma

Mr. De’ - Give It Up

Egyptian Lover - Dance (Instrumental)

Big Daddy Rick - Electro Pimp

Jucy Titties 2/Unknown artist - Machine

DJ Overdose - What About It?

DJ Nasty - Child Support

Starski & Clutch - East To West

DJ Nasty - Freaky Tonight

Detroit”s Filthiest - Social Engineering

Digitek 3 - Army Of One

The Unkown DJ - Basstronic

Erotek - FreqU.com

DJ Nasty - Cass Quarters 2

Aux 88 - Moonwalker

Kronos Device - Terminate The Bass (Instrumental)

Munch Man - V-chip (Beats)

313 Bass Mechanics - The Countdown

White label

Detroit’s Filthiest - Deuce & A Quarter

Diamond & The Nubian Prince - Shake That Ass… Bounce Those Titz (Club “Booty” Mix)

Model 500 - R9

Jucy Titties2/Unknown artist - Raw

Battle Systems - Annihilator

12 Tech Mob - Ride