Sept 17, 2020

Interview & DJ Mix w/ DJ Di'jital 

This month’s show on The Anxious Beat features one of Detroit’s original and most sonically advanced cyborgs - electro/techno bass producer mastermind Lamont Norwood a.k.a. DJ Di’jital. There is no question that Di’jitals tracks are being used as means of communication - morse code for superior bionic entities amongst us, whether he means for it or not. Either way his bass lines get you every time, transforming the thought of human annihilation into an irresistible sound of mechanical funk. Lamont starts his story referring back to the freakish soul, sci-fi pop and cosmic funk heroes who were the first to make a sonic impression on him early on. Later, he describes how a more “synthetic sound” started to take over the airwaves in the early 80’s, as sample based music came to be the new way of the future - inspiring generations of DJ's to experiment and to pioneer the sound of their time. Di’jital then continues to outline his past and present - getting signed to Direct Beat, meeting and paring up with Aux88 as their tour DJ in the 90’s, hustlin’ mixtapes around the local record stores in Detroit, joining The Aquanauts - a group assembled by Mike Banks of Underground Resistance, Lamont’s label Di’jital AXcess, sonic visions, and much more. 

Program schedule: 
DJ Di’jital interview and DJ mix entwined  
Outro: The Anxious Beat selection and mix of 7 DJ Di’jital associated tracks

Tracklist DJ Di'jital DJ Mix (Outro: last 7 tracks selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

Posatronix - Night Vision

DJ Di’jital - Electrohop 1

DJ Di’jital - Entity

Steve Poindexter - Work That MF

AUX88 - AUXMIND (Cybotron Remix)

J. Shaw - White label

Sole Tech & Unknown Origin - After Shock

Erik Travis - Rollin’ Through Time

DJ Di’jital - I Am Morpheus

DJ Godfather - Who U Wit

AUX88 - Direct Drive

Databass - Work That Pussy

Ectomorph - Mysteries

Will Web - Humanity Nil Dub

DJ Di’jital - Efx Creed Beats

Vintage FTR - Dookey Booty

DJ Di’jital - Interferance

DJ Di’jital - Jit 2 This

DJ Di'jital - Bang

DJ Di'jital - The Enforcer

DJ Di'jital - Gamma Radiation

DJ Di'jital - Armada (DJ Maaco Remix)

Aaron Carl - Down (Techno Bass Mix by DJ Di'jital)

DJ Di'jital - Prototype 2

DJ Di'jital - Androidika