March 18, 2021 

DJ Fingers - Interview & DJ Mix

For the second show of the year, The Anxious Beat had the amazing pleasure of meeting up in cyber space with a truly brilliant household name in Detroit - turntablist jedi, WJLB resident, Detroit club DJ and producer - Chris Price a.k.a. DJ Fingers. Fingers starts his story referring back to the age of 11 when his mother buys him a pair of Technics 1200 (same ones he has to this day) and a mixer from Wonderland Music. Growing up in a household of music and musicians Fingers was surrounded by rnb, jazz and gospel - at family gatherings he would also be around close relatives Smokey Robinson and Thelma and Chico Leverett as well as all the other people who were with Motown around that time. Fingers then continues to describe becoming the opening DJ for The Wizard, DJ philosophy and first meeting DJ Zap through a DJ battle at The Dancery, later forging their lethal DJ crew The 4 Horsemen along with Rick Hines and DJ Nico which came to play all the major clubs in Detroit back in the day. We get to learn about how Fingers also experienced a very difficult and life changing illness early on and the struggle to try and find a balance - accepting but not becoming limited by these new terms of existence. Later, our conversation touches on getting into radio, his friendship with J Dilla and turntablist mastermind DJ Mystro (Jason Wilson of Kaos & Mystro), playing drums for church, DJs who fight technology, audience multi personalities and DJ mind control, breakin' records, temporarily refusing to play Kanye West on Detroit radio, the mixtape game, recording his first record for Buy Rite Cliff Thomas label D-Bass Records, future plans and much much more! Fingers then treats us to 2 supreme master class mixes of pure classic Detroit techno and house, giving us an authentic taste of Detroit cabarets, clubs, radio, bassments and everything else in between......

Program schedule:
DJ Fingers Techno Mix (layered w/ interview)
Anxious Beat blend (layered w/ interview)
DJ Fingers House Mix




Partial tracklist during interview with DJ Fingers (selection and mix by Anxious Beat)

Jess Beatz - La Machine

A.J. McGee - Octapie

Cybonix - Let’s Bang

Mr. De - Mr. Muthafukka f/DJ Assault

DJ Marquis - This is Now (Mark Flash remix)

Anthony Shakir - Perseverence

DJ Di’jital - Automatic Activity 

Big Daddy Rick - Bitch F’em All

DJ Clent - Sho-Nuff

DreBrown - Killing Quazar

Cyan85 - Computor Punk

Disco D - Cannot Stop This

12 Tech Mob - 313 Party

E8 - Squawk

JT-1  - The Floor 

Kuldaboli - Eg Er Bara Eg