July 15, 2021 

DJ Omega - Interview & DJ Mix

For the 4th show of the year we had the amazing pleasure of meeting up with iconic ghetto tech legend, DJ, producer and sonic urbanite visionary - DJ Omega Will Simpson a.k.a. NativeDrum. Will starts his story at an early age being surrounded by music and musicians - from aunties who sang with the world famous Clara Ward Singers to uncles who had cover bands as well as his grandmother who sang and played piano in church. During those impressionable years Will also came across The Transformers, Clear by Cybotron and The Electrifying Mojo which all forged a massive impression on him in the 1980’s - an enchanting new sound of the future inspiring sonic visions and perhaps also hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow.


As a teenager Will meets the legendary DJ Sugarbear who invites him to come DJ at Skate Land at Alter Rd, Detroit. This is where he got to hear and see Sugarbear’s skillfull emceeing techniques up close - inspiring him to incorporate that same type of hype spirit in his own music and iconic ghetto tech vocals in the future. Shortly after, Will links up with Sean P Williams of Play Skule who would help make his first record release happen on Juan Atkins Interface Records and later also introduces him to DJ Godfather and DJ Nasty - marking the beginning of his extended relationship with Databass Records. Additionally, we get to learn more about Mike Huckaby’s $5 mystery box from the Record Time days, Will’s stance on the open format of ghetto tech, afrofuturism of Drexciya and Sun Ra, black representation in electronic music, passing on techno culture to younger generations as well as future plans with his new multi faceted alias NativeDrum. Hear all about that and much much more as we also get treated to 1h x 2 mixes of irresistible beats straight from The Motor City…..one city, one drum   


Hour 1

Interview/DJ Omega This Dat Ghetto Shit Mix


Hour 2

Will Simpson a.k.a. NativeDrum Mix