March 28th, 2020

DJ Roach - Interview and DJ Mix 

These are anxious times indeed..and for the first time, this month's guest did not make it over to the studio... Fortunately not due to any virus related issues but just because time, as always, is one big ungenerous pimp. For the third show of the year The Anxious Beat had the pleasure of interviewing Southwest Detroit's own DJ Roach (Raul Rocha also known as DJ Roach 313) - DJ, producer, founder of Nuestro Futuro Records together with Ray 7 (Raphael Merriweathers Jr. from UR also known as 051, The Beat Mechanic, M.I.A. and The Unknown Soilder) and driven originator of the annual local Detroit party - Tec Troit Electronic Music Festival.


The show starts off with castanets crackling in the heavy and infectious track Remember Where You Came From (Remember Your Culture) by DJ Roach and Ray 7's synergetic rhythm duo called NF-2. Roach starts his story at his childhood home, his father being a musician and how he was surrounded by music and instruments from an early age. We also get to learn about the life changing experience of seeing The Wizard perform behind 4 decks at The Stratford Theater back in 1985, getting into DJing along with his brother in 1988, latin freestyle and the beginnings of Tec Troit among many other things. Last but not least we get to let loose and rid all quarantine bullshit to DJ Roach's master skill techno and acid drippin' DJ Mix. (Photo by Marie Staggat)


Tracklist durin interview with DJ Roach (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

NF-2 - Remember where you came from (Remeber your culture)
Sekter .17 (DJ Dick, DJ Godfather) - Earthmen
DJ Overdose - On the silver globe
Sean Deason - ShariVari
Elliot Taub aka Ulysses - Tribalismo (Jack's Mix)
Esteban Adame - Political gain
Aux 88 - Let it ride
NF-2 - 100 Years
Southern Outpost (Kloc, Shapeshiftr, The Sentinel) - Programmic
Suburban Knight vs Gerome Sportelli vs Sierra Sam - Oracle
Scott Grooves - Consistent Part ?
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 3
B. Calloway - Yo Dray


Tracklist DJ Roach DJ Mix

Dj Roach (Nuestro Futuro Records)- The Wire

Rebecca Goldberg (Cryovac Recordings)- Augmented Reality 

Yanu (Direct Beat)- Mental Mekanic

Adam Jay (Midwest Mix)- Domestic Disturbances 

Rebecca Goldberg (Cryovac Recordings)- Panopticon

Dj Roach- Test Press

A. Garcia & M. Kretsch ( Cryovac Recordings)- Starrtsrack

Flatner & Ingram Project ( Black Nation Records)- Da Comin’

A. Garcia & M. Kretsch (Cryovac Recordings)- Snow Dogs Revenge

Flatner & Ingram Project (Black Nation Records)- Black Alligator 

Dj Roach (Nuestro Futuro Records)- Revolucion 

Unknown Black Label

Rob Hood (Tresor)- Quartz

Symmetrical (Nuestro Futuro Records)- Asi Es El Mambo

Xavier De Enciso (Yaxteq)- Long Distance

Dillon Preech- System Destroyer

Xavier De Enciso (Yaxteq)- Side A Track 1

Esteban Adame (Subject Detroit)- Guaguanco

Xavier de Enciso (Yaxteq)- Side A Track 2

Dahraxt (JL Series)- NBS2-19 Remix

The Manager (Psycho Thrill)- Psycho Thrill Robots_Elec Pt.1 BNKR Mix

Roland Casper- Naked (Woody Mc Bride Remix

Kimyon Higgins (Cryovac Recordings)- I Am The..

The Martian (Red Planet)- Particle Shower

Los Hermanos- My Mother’s Guitarra

Dj Roach (Cryovac Recordings)- People Mover