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Memory machine (Minns med musik) was a project that started in Malmoe (Malmö), Sweden in 2017. I started collecting jazz 78 rpm shellac records in my early teens and have since then been incurably passionate about music from the early-mid 1900. Very rarely did I however get the chance to actually talk about the music and play the records with somebody who grew up and was young during that time. I'll gladly admit that I always enjoyed talking to seniors as soon as I got the chance- hearing their testimonies of how things have changed over the years, as well as just listening their life stories.


That is more or less how the idea for Memory machine (Minns med musik) started and it was roughly how I first presented the project to Irmeli Dalhbacka and Gizella Nemeth at "Golden Moments" (Guldstunder) which is a municipal department that works with cultural orientated care for seniors, among other things. Irmeli and Gizella are both Educationalist and Municipal Cultural Secretaries at the department of Health and Care Administration at the City of Malmoe (Malmö), Sweden and they gave me great support and guidance on how to go about my idea.


They also gave me a first glimpse at what is called the reminiscence method. This method encourages the use of "memory-triggering" objects to help patients diagnosed with for example Dementia and Alzheimer's to remember scenes and events from their own lives. Here, I  would use actual 78 rpm record discs or sometimes LP record discs, an older record player and some mood setting props to help create a, depending on the age group, 1920-1950's vibe. This method ultimately gave my original idea more depth and meaning. I was also happy and overwhelmed by the response that the music sometimes generated.




First run of the Jazz Café, set in the main dining and reminiscence area at Golden moments office and educational space, Malmoe, Sweden 2018.

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Promotion picture of me taken for the Memory Machine project at Golden Moments, Malmoe, Sweden 2017.

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Doing one of the things I love the most at Malmö 78's Society, Malmoe, Sweden 2014.