January 29th, 2020


Sean Tate a.k.a. The Butcher - Interview & DJ mix


For the first show of 2020, The Anxious Beat invited multi-talented and elusive DJ, producer, label head and Detroit Promo TV/The Bassment’s own Sean Tate a.k.a. The Butcher to the studio. Tate continues to lead us on the journey though Detroit’s past and present and there is no telling how deep the rabbit’s hole really is. The only way to find out is to let go and let yourself fall. You might just land on a silky smooth cocaine-white rug and if so, just remember to take your shoes off. Our conversation touched upon Tate’s beginnings as a DJ and producer, cabarets vs. the club, the significance of radio shows, the origin of hypemen and mc’s like Detroit’s Marvelous Marv and Henry Tyler and the philosophy behind Tate’s label RWYS - Remember Why You Started Records among other things. Tate also announced the upcoming tribute, vinyl only release, for much loved and missed Erotek a.k.a. Andray Brown/Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/user-887514302


The show starts off with the menacing robotic acid track A.C.F.M. by Folsom & Tate, also heard in DJ Stingray’s electrifying set at last year’s Boiler Room Festival. Tate then takes over and starts the first part of his DJ mix with Theo Parrish’s beautiful track This is for you with Maurissa Rose. About 36 min in, Tate steps away from the turntables for a bit to answer some questions and once again, we get to experience more vivid stories from Detroit - the good, the bad and some of the stuff in between. Part two of Sean Tate’s DJ mix quickly transforms into one of those rare club nights...real deep and soulful and where one can be really free.


Tracklist during interview with Sean Tate (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

A.C.F.M - Folsom & Tate

Don't lead me - House Master Baldwin feat. Paris Grey

Forged - Trevino

Feel Free (Vibe Mix) - Black Ginger & The Funky Rican

Decoding Numbers - JessBeatz

D.I.E. - The Men You'll Never See (Adult. Mix)

EDMX - Mo Money (Instrumental)

12 Tech Mob - Hood Rat

DJ Assault - Bangin' The Beat

Sean Tate - A Matter of Destruction (Bassment Mix)

Gigi Galaxy - Lips So Sweet (Dub Mix)

DJ Discipline - On The Down Low

Sean Tate - A Matter of Creation (Sunlight Mix)

The Other People Place - Eye Contact

Scott Grooves - Hybrib Part: DENEB