February 29, 2020

The A.M.  - Interview and DJ Mix 


For the second show of the year The Anxious Beat invited rave veteran, electro/techno appreciator and classically trained violinist The A.M. to the studio. This episode starts off with Ann-Marie’s perhaps first serious encounter with music—a journey which begins when she hears classical violin for the first time at a very early age, to years later when she discovered house music by listening to Detroit radio station WJLB late at night, accompanied by her younger sister, writer, host and DJ of Underground & Black blog and NTS show, Ash Lauryn. 


Taking a bit of a different route than her sister, The A.M. has come to favor the darker, harder category of electronic music, Detroit electro and techno being her preferred weapon of choice. Frequently attending parties and underground raves throughout the years undeniably shaped the ears of The A.M., providing her mixes with that unique Detroit funk, hard-hitting no-bullshit aesthetic. Our conversation also touched on finding a sense of home in the rave scene, overcoming fears and insecurities, the lack of division in the dance community in the past compared to today, Movement Festival (DEMF), losing younger siblings at massive underground parties and embracing your darker side, and much more. The A.M. takes over the second part of the program, showing us just how dark, deep and bottomless the rabbit hole really is.


(The A.M. correction: The after hours club mentioned as Half Past Three in the interview was in fact called Better Days)

Tracklist during interview with The A.M. (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

DynArec - Handover


Silicon - G.I.T.M


D.I.E - My House


DJ Assault - Kilabitchstremental


Phuture - Your Only Friend


Pacou - Incitement


Traxx ft. Legowelt - MTT Inversion


Wired - To The Beat Of The Drum (Crash Version)


Street Corner Symphony - Symphomanic (Jazz Mix)


Preslav - Driver


Scan 7 - So B It


DJ Assault - Say What?


Silicon - Worms


Betonkust & Innershades - Mercy Like


Cem3340 - The C.E.P Riot


DJ Di’jital - Bang


Disco D - Searching