November 2, 2019

The Baroness - Interview & Dj mix

The Anxious Beat had the pleasure of having one of Detroit's most well kept secrets in the studio - The Baroness. Not only does she add yet more contours to the story of Detroit's electronic dance music community, she does so with an abundance of charm and an impressive ear for techno. The Anxious Beat got a sneak peek behind the veil and learned a little bit about her beginnings, her passion for photography, techno and dancing. Our conversation also touched upon the importance of Detroit's music history as well as some personal anecdotes from Detroit's (early-ish) clubs days, starting off in the 90's. The program takes off with a hot Detroit techno blend by The Baroness, eventually leading us further down the rabbit's hole.

Tracklist The Baroness mix set:

My Machines - Carl Craig

003 - Richie Hawtin

A matter of creation - Sean Tate

The Tresor track - Mike Huckaby

Yo soy nuestro futuro - Dj Roach

Retro Mix - Jeff Mills

Minimal response - 207737

The Rouge - Blak Tony

Red machine - Robert Hood

Psykofuk Mix 2 - Psykofuk

Man on the moon - Norm Talley

Space vision - Terrance Dixon

Beautiful darkness - J Shaw

Dominion - Octave One

Drive by force - Dillon Preach

Alleys of your mind - Cybotron

Tracklist during interview with The Baroness (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

The real Brooklyn bounce - Frankie Bones

On the floor - Dwayne Jensen

100% of Disin You (Armando's Dis remix) - Armando

Ghost miners (Fit remix/Ray 7 on percussion) - Jared Wilson

The struggle - Houz'Mon

Butterfly - The Lil Nick Cru feat. Parris Mitchell

Vertigo - K. Alexi Shelby

Superman - Robert Hood

Prizma - Etapp Kyle

At first light - Sysex

Death toll - Life after Mutation

Voyager (Mazzula remix) - Binary System

Rejuvenated Rhythm (Mix 2) - DreBrown

At first light (Version) - Sysex