July 17th, 2020

The Bassment (Detroit) - Interview w/ DJ Body Mechanic & The Cafeteria Lady

For this months show we travel back in time and visit the first guests ever to bless The Anxious Beat - a second chance to check out the interesting and wonderful interview with Detroit's unprecedented live TV and podcast show -The Bassment w/ DJ Body Mechanic & The Cafeteria Lady. I initially discovered The Bassment around New Years Eve while still in Malmoe/Sweden. Bored out of my mind I started googling for events and shows in Detroit, tickling my sonic fantasies when I came across The Bassment New Years Eve show. I remember being mesmerised thinking "Who are these guys hanging out djing all this dope music in a basement singing along with Prince's Private Joy and this other dude wearing a Grinch hat?" After that I was hooked and started tuning in to their weekly Sunday shows. Later when I came to Detroit, also having the pleasure of meeting The Bassment family - DJ Body Mechanic, Sean Tate a.k.a. The Butcher, The Cafeteria Lady and Ray 7. I met a lot of great people in The Bassment, some who I've also had the pleasure of inviting over to The Anxious Beat.


By now,The Bassment is family and I'm very happy and grateful for all the Sunday shows I've experienced in their company. Much love and appreciation to my Bassment Fam!

The Bassment/Detroit Promo TV:


Live Sundays 7-9pm (ETZ)/01.00-03.00 (CEST)





Tracklist during interview w/ DJ Body Mechanic & The Cafeteria Lady (selection and mix by The Anxious Beat)

Jess Beatz - Lightz
Detroit's Filthiest - Cover Up
J Shaw - Neuron Galaxy
NF2 - Mila
Body Mechanic ft. Late Nite Crave - 2 Sisters
John Collins - Do Better
Alton Miller - No Stoppin'
Jess Beatz - Technophobia
Sole Tech & Unknown Origin - The After Shock
Bileebob - Sunshine (DJ Skurge edit)
Body Mechanic - Peaceofmine
Sean Tate - A Matter of Destruction (Reel by Real remix)
B. Calloway - 100.000.000 Euro
DJ Rolando - Jaguar (Jeff Mills mix)
Cajmere - Conflict
Body Mechanic - Jit The Best (Vocal)
Folson & Tate - Round Tables
Body Mechanic ft. Elle - U Cant